While the name resemblance is a mere coincidence, the pairing of Normann Copenhagen’s design and the new Brooklyn restaurant Norman’s Scandinavian cuisine, undeniably makes a perfect match.

Created by Claus Meyer and Fredrik Berselius, the new Norman restaurant is situated within A/D/O, a 2000 square metre creative space for designers in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Norman presents an exciting combination of design and culinary experience, grounded in the roots of Scandinavian food and design traditions.

“From the moment you approach any restaurant to the moment you walk out, so many design choices impact the total experience other than the food on the plate.” - Claus Meyer

A taste of Scandinavia at Norman, Brooklyn.

In the industrial restaurant space, which is centered around an open kitchen and a long marble bar, Normann Copenhagen's Form chairs and barstools offer seating for more than 140 guests while large Bell lamps illuminate areas of the restaurant.

A selection of accessories and tableware, such as Nyhavn vases, Heima candle holders, Normann cutlery and wooden Astro trays are used for table decoration and serving of the Nordic-inspired dishes.

An open kitchen forms the heart of the restaurant 

Outside the Norman restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

The founders of Norman: Claus Meyer and Fredrik Berselius. Photo by Gary He.

Visit Norman at 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, or online at @restaurantnorman and 

Photo credit: Even Sung.


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